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SHIB → Coffee

Walmart? Yes. Amazon? Yes. Local Store? Yes. Uber? Yes. Starbucks? Yes. Farfetch? Yes.
Trade tokens? Yes. Pay rent? Yes. Send ACHs? Yes. Buy gas? Yes. Send tokens? Yes.
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Any token.

Your money.

Your wallet.

Your keys.

No one can take what's yours.
 No one can decide for you.
 It’s just you & your money.

Imagine a world where you are in complete control of your money, and you can spend whatever coin you choose, to buy whatever you want, without having to worry about what the other person will receive...

That is possible, today.

Enter the decentralized world


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Defi <> Tradfi

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Put simply, we're building bridges.
So you can go from one world to another.
From Tradfi to Defi, from DeFi to Tradfi. In seconds.
And money just feels like one thing.