What should I do if the Swype Keyboard is just missing, unresponsive, or doesn't show up?

This issue  is fixed in iOS 8.1, please update to the latest version of iOS.

What should I do if my Swype keyboard is sometimes replaced by the Apple keyboard?

A: This is appears to be an external issue as multiple 3rd party keyboards are affected, we are working hard to get it resolved. It often occurs when:

  • Returning to an app after locking the device
  • Creating a new message in messaging apps
  • Switching between apps

You can reduce the frequency of this issue by trying one or more of the following steps:

  • Ensure that you have updated to the latest version of iOS
  • From the device Settings menu (Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards) select edit and move the Swype Keyboard to the top of your enabled keyboard list and/or remove all other keyboards. If you remove the other keyboards you can easily add them back by going to “Add New Keyboard…”
  • Close the application you are in (by double tapping the home key and sliding the application up to close it) and restart it
  • Enable Touch ID instead of a passcode on your device

Once you have tried the above, press and hold the Globe key and reselect Swype.

Note: In password and credit card information fields Apple always requires the use of their own keyboards

Do I need to enable “Full Access” for Swype?

No. You only need to enable “Full Access” if you would like to download more languages. You can disable “Full Access” once you have completed your language download.

What additional data does Swype collect if I enable "Full Access"?

Swype does not collect any additional data if you enable “Full Access”.

Why can’t I see the text I am entering in some applications?

In some applications text fields are not correctly responding to the height of the keyboard (like the App Store review text field, arg!). This is an iOS 8 platform constraint and we are working with Apple to get it resolved.

What if my issue isn’t listed here?

If your issue is not listed here, please check out our FAQForum, or contact our support team for additional help.

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