Can you tell me more about Swype?

Of course! The Swype Keyboard is a fast, easy, and fun way to enter text on any screen. Effortlessly glide your finger from letter to letter and watch as words and phrases appear on screen.

Check out our preview video below, and stay tuned for more videos to come!

Where can I get Swype for my iPhone, iPad or my iPod Touch?

Swype is available for download on the App Store.

Once I’ve downloaded Swype, how do I set it as my keyboard?

Activating and setting Swype as your keyboard is simple! Please follow these instructions on your device:

Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > Swype. Then, press and hold on the Globe key and Select “Swype” from Keyboard list.

Which languages are supported in Swype?

Swype currently supports the following languages:

Arabic – العربية
English (AU)
English (UK)
Czech – Čeština
Danish – Dansk
Dutch – Nederlands
Farsi – فارسی
Finnish – Suomi
French – Français
French (CA) – Français (CA)
German – Deutsch
Greek – Ελληνικά
Hebrew – עברית
Hinglish – Hinglish
Hungarian – Magyar
Irish – Gaeilge
Italian – Italiano
Norwegian – Norsk
Polish – Polski
Portuguese – Português
Romanian – Română
Russian – Pyccĸий
Spanish – Español
Swedish – Svenska
Tagalog – Tagalog
Turkish – Tϋrkçe
Ukrainian – Українська
Vietnamese – Tieng Viêt

How do I download more languages?

  • Long press on the space bar
  • Select “More Languages”
  • Download your desired language

Note: You need to enable “Full Access” to download languages. You can disable “Full Access” as soon as your language download is completed.

How do I use Emoji?

To use the Emoji Keyboard in Swype, press the Swype key and then select “Emoji Keyboard.” Now you can choose from hundreds of Emoji, see recently used Emoji or even save favorites.

Or you can still intuitively add Emoji to your text. Simply tap or Swype the name of an Emoji character via the keyboard. Once done, you will see the Emoji displayed in the Word Choice List. Select it and you’re good to go!

Example: Tap or Swype “happy” and select the smiley face emoji from the Word Choice List.

How do I change to another keyboard from Swype?

Slide your finger from the Swype key to the Globe key to change your keyboard.

How do I purchase premium themes?

Go to the Swype App on your Home screen to preview and purchase new themes.

How much do premium themes cost?

Premium themes are $0.99 each, or you can purchase bundles of themes for a discounted price.

How do I change my theme?

To change your theme, go to Swype Settings (press and hold the Swype key and select the settings icon) > select “Themes” > choose your favorite theme.

How do I change my keyboard layout?

To change your keyboard layout:

  • Long press on the space bar
  • Select “More languages”
  • Tap on your current language
  • Select your preferred keyboard layout (National/QWERTY/QWERTZ or AZERTY)

I don’t see the word I want, how can I see more than three suggestions in the Word Choice List?

Swipe your finger from right to left in the Word Choice List to see up to twelve suggestions!

Why am I not able to use Voice Dictation on Swype Keyboard?

We would love to provide users the ability to use our voice dictation, but currently the microphone is not available for keyboard extensions in iOS 8.

What data does the Swype Keyboard for iOS collect and how is it used?

Currently the data we collect is only stored in the Swype Keyboard on your device. When you use the Swype Keyboard, we analyze your use of language and create a personal language model to improve our recognition of your words. You can delete your personal language model (including all the the words you’ve added to your Personal Dictionary) by going to Swype Settings > Personal Dictionary > Tap the trash can icon.

Do I need to enable “Full Access” for Swype?

No. You only need to enable “Full Access” if you would like to download more languages, or to use purchased Swype themes. You can disable “Full Access” once you have completed your language download, or you have accessed Swype Keyboard after purchasing premium themes.

What additional data does Swype collect if I enable "Full Access"?

Swype does not collect any additional data if you enable “Full Access”. You only need to enable “Full Access” if you would like to download more languages.

Note: Swype does not store keystrokes or sensitive data such as credit-card numbers or passwords in password fields.

What if my question isn’t answered here?

If your question is not answered here, please check out our Known IssuesForum, or contact our support team for additional help.

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