Getting Started

Introduction to Swype Introduction to Swype

Swype is a faster way to enter text. With Swype, you create a word by Swyping through letters instead of tapping them out.

To start, glide your finger from the first letter of the word you wish to Swype and draw a path from letter to letter, lifting up after the last letter - Swype will insert spaces where necessary, so you never need to tap the space bar!

Advanced Users

Tertiary Functions Tertiary Functions

For each key on the Swype keyboard, there are three sets of entry options: tap (for the primary input), press-release (for the secondary input), and press-hold (for tertiary input options).

To truly become a Swype power user, you need to know how to use these secondary and tertiary functions effectively. Click on the button below to learn some Advanced Tips for Swype!