Living Language

Automatically update your Swype dictionary with popular new words!

Language is evolving faster than ever and Swype users can now opt in to stay up to date with the most up to date trending words like "Gangnam Style.” Swype’s Living Language feature gathers and updates user dictionaries with the latest global trending words by crowd-sourcing the language our Swype users are actually using and from popular online resources. Go to Swype Settings > Language Options and enable "Living language" to be in the know!

Your browser does not support this living language cloud. Please try again using a different browser, or try to imagine text swirling around in response to the mouse position.

  • TheBlaze
  • Neubauten
  • Tello
  • Wovenwar
  • Doubtfire
  • Smartisan
  • totoaba
  • Scribd
  • uBeam
  • Capcom
  • Weeels
  • WhiteWave